I am most inspired by art that veers off the “traditional” path. I am not interested in “strange” for the sake of strange, but find that what is considered “normal” in society is often not entirely truthful, or a way to disengage from complexity.

I write dark comedy, absurdism and satire

I believe that in fraught political times it's important to laugh. 

I believe it's always important to laugh.

I like coincidences. I like names that rhyme. I am forever fascinated with the rocky landscape of the history of the United States, and the rest of the world, and the rest of the universe.

I write complicated female characters. In the sense that they exist and are protagonists and are not just there to serve a purpose relating to men.

I write complicated characters in general. I like to challenge actors. People are not just one thing. They are many. All at once.

I write talking inanimate objects, and talking animals. Chairs or elephants can't talk in real life, so they definitely should onstage.

I like to tell stories that aren't easy to tell, that don't have one specific answer or goal in mind. I like to explore. I like to write about explorers both literal and figurative.

I often write non-linearly. I often write about mental illness. These two seem to relate.

I like mystery.

As a former student of both dance and poetry, I am interested in the intersection between movement and language. I am also interested in sound.

I like collaboration. I like to be supportive of other artists.