Full Length

Monuments (2f, 2m)

There is nothing monumental happening in Anya’s life. Pax loves Anya, but is not in love with her. Jack smokes weed. Alaska studies monuments. We grow tall. We decay. We crumble. Yet sometimes we aren’t as sturdy as we seem.   

Sitting Causes Cancer and Other Modern Tragedies (5f, 3m)

Jancy, an ultra modern, ultra overworked and ultra sexually frustrated telemarketer, refuses to sit down. So when a seemingly average man named Thomas starts working at the desk next to her, she thinks fucking him on the copy machine will solve all of her problems. Only it definitely won’t, and Thomas is not as average as he seems. A play about modern boredom, “fun capitalism” and how we corporatize individuality.

Clarabelle, 86 (2f, 1m)

When a lonely person dies, it is the job of the city to go through their things. Thus is the fate of Clarabelle B. Jones, a reclusive hoarder from Queens, and the two city administrators tasked with making meaning of her life, and their own lives, through what she owned. What is our relationship to our stuff and can our impact upon a place last after we are gone?

Ten Minute

High Holidays (2f, 1m)

Can you stop blowing out the menorah candles? This is Hanukkah, not a birthday party. A play about what happens when you bring your not-Jewish not-sober not-boyfriend to your family's Hanukkah celebration.

Ron Don Jon Juan (1f, 4m)

Ellery is dying. But before she can leave this world, she must revisit the "ironic rhyming tragicomedy" that were the four men she married.

Sitting Causes Cancer and Other Modern Tragedies (1f, 2m, 1 voice).

Jancy, not Nancy, Jancy with a J, works at an office. Jancy, not Nancy, Jancy with a J can try harder than that, can be better than that, can be more herself than herself. Jancy, not Nancy, Jancy with a J is never going to sit still. Ever. Otherwise she'll end up with cancer like sad/weird/sexy/dead Thomas whose butt is glued to his chair. But Thomas doesn't have cancer. That doesn't matter. He'll probably get it any minute. Because everyone dies of cancer. Everyone. Everyone dies. But If you never sit still, you never die. Ever. Right?

Ginny (2F, 1M)

Ginny finds a note from her mother in the attic. Her father watches TV. You can never fix the hole she left.

Alaska in the Summertime (1F, 2M)

A lonely truck driver making the long haul to Alaska encounters a runaway teen hitchhiker and the personification of the winter wind, or has he been on the road for too long?

One Person Shows

Our Common Deception (1F)

You are breathing somewhere else A rumination on the inevitable end


The Nose (3m, 2-3 flexible)

MJ Kovalyov, an average man, who works at an average job in "The United States of Office Chairs", aka Midtown Manhattan, wakes up one day to find that his nose is missing. What ensues is a frantic chase around the city to get his nose back, who as it turns out has become a hip hop mogul overnight. A modern interpretation of the Russian short story "The Nose" by Nikolai Gogol.


Allegra's Autobody (Short)

Gary III and Chicken Nugget, two small time crooks, accidentally leave a body in the trunk of their car and bring it in for an oil change. Now they must sneak into the shop after hours to retrieve the body so their boss Big Ron doesn't kill them by sunrise. But it turns out some other people have after hours plans at the autobody shop, and they are not what anyone was expecting.