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"The play is wonderfully strong for a mere 10 minute performance"

- Rob Spiegel (Albuquerque Regional News)

The Elephant in the Room

"Is this play about what I think it is about? Is it a comedy? Is this going where I think it is going? Am I seeing the past or the present? These questions, and the ability Fox has to generate them in the minds of the audience provide an experience that is very rare in contemporary plays. So many new plays being staged today are too direct, too obvious and too much like television. Not The Elephant in the Room. The audience is kept intrigued and even puzzled until long after the play is over"

- StageBuddy

"Fox's writing has moment where is rises above the murk of her subject and impresses. There's a rendition of "Hush Little Baby" that's creepy and fun; and some excursions into monologue that are stuffed with wonderful images and surprising turns of phrase"


"The story is unique and well cast with these three talented ladies portraying room mates with such different personalities. Peter/The Elephant is perfectly cast also; as he seamlessly moves from playing a stereotypical gentle and gracious Midwestern young man to the evil representation of these young ladies' past."

-Hi! Drama


EST LA’s New West Playwrights Group 2019 -

Tennessee Williams Scholar. Sewanee Writers Conference. 2019.

Monson Arts Fellow. 2019.

MacDowell Fellow. 2018.

The Cabins Women in the Creative Arts Scholar. 2018.


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