I am most inspired by art that veers off the “traditional” path. I am not interested in “strange” for the sake of strange, but find that what is considered “normal” in society is often not entirely truthful or a way to disengage from complexity.

I am interested in how humans use public behavior to hide themselves or show themselves and who we are as people based on who we are around or what environment we are in.

I like coincidences. I like names that rhyme. I am forever fascinated with the rocky landscape of the history of the United States, and the rest of the world, and the rest of the universe.

I write complicated women. In the sense that they exist and have real lives and are not just there to serve a purpose relating to men.

I write complicated characters in general. Not to piss off actors, but to try and represent the complexity of humanity. People are not just one thing. They are many. All at once.

I like to tell stories that aren't easy to tell, that don't have one specific answer or goal in mind. I like to explore. I like to write about explorers both literal and figurative.

As a former student of both dance and poetry, I am interested in the nature of language and what is essential and what is not. I think the simpler, the better. I'm still working on it. I think we as writers always are.

I like to be supportive of other artists who have other stories to tell about other people in different ways.